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I bought a boat from a board member, got a good deal on it, but he had repaired the lower unit and didnt know that the shim needed to be sized a certain way, so the wrong size shim was put in. So needless to say I blew up all the gears in the S.O.B. after about a half hour. I think it was just lack of experience with rebuilding lower units and no good manual that caused that, not that he sold it to me on purpose like that.

Anyway I found a good outboard shop in Morris, IL. I'll drop the info on the end of the thread, but they're replacing my entire lower unit, replacing the throttle arm on the motor, tuning the shifting, compression testing, and just going over the motor with a fine tooth comb along with updating my ignition for about 1100 bucks on a 1983 60hp Johnson 2 stroke. Other places were trying to charge an arm and a leg.

I don't know how many subscribers have boats, but I figured I'd pass this on. I didn't want to post it out in members because I didnt want the guy to feel bad, even though I've already spoken to him on the phone a few times.

Business info:
Johnson Boat & Motor Sales
510 W Illinois Ave
Morris, IL 60450
(815) 942-2939

The guy I dealt with is named Chuck, he knew his way around a boat and engine imo.
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