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Didn't make it the extra few miles to check up on mplant's hit & run last month as I stopped in Menominee.

Jogged by the marina, just saw a guy and his 2 young 'uns just getting their lines in the water so no reports there. Continued jogging to the lighthouse, no one out. Jog back to the marina, guy and kids are already gone. Two kids casted a twister tail about 3 times and gave up. WTF?

A few hours later decided to drive down to the Hattie St bridge. No one on the bridge but I saw some fishing 'irregulars' by the dam. You think some of the CCFP anglers can be a strange site, you haven't seen nothing yet :)21

Anyway, rock bass were the prevalent fish, followed by sturgeon. I'm not even sure if the sturgeon are in season. Two got off, including a nice one that looked to be a five footer. For some reason the anglers do not believe in bringing nets with them. Another guy had a real nice walleye that he lost (no leader) at the shoreline. Actually someone did have a net, well, if you could call it that. A little better than a butterfly net but not by much. She tries to help the guy get the walleye by spooking it by jamming the net right in front of the thing. *bink*. Felt dorry for him he was the only one of the group not smoking ans tossing the cigarette butts in the river :)11

Friday I will head to Pickerel WI for a few hours and may get some pan fishing action going with an ex-coworker that has a house off Big Twin? lake.
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