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Harbor conditions for Belmont/Montrose??????

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Hey how are the water conditions for these harbors?? I want to come up tommorrow a.m for some coho. Sunday they were turned off and I think that had more to do w/the cold front that moved in for these last two days. Are they churned and cloudy these last couple of days....I drive in from Plainfield so any help saving a drive would be appreciated....
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Just keep a close eye on the weather report's..As long it keeps the curent trend of one day low wind & 2 or 3 day's of high wind's...That lake will never get clear...

I personaly wait for atleast 2 day's of calm day's...

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Just got back from montrose. Fished for an hour or so with no luck. The harbor looks like chocolate milk along with the rest of the lake. After three days of that northeast wind, it might take a while to clear up.
The water is a little dirty, but the wind has changed and it should start cleaning up. I was at Belmont on Sunday with the wind and all and people still caught fish. So, are there fish still there....yes. But would I drive in from I would wait a day, the lake will settle and the fish will move back in. There were a few guys out this morning, hopefully they'll post up.
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