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heading for Sylvania in june again..what are some of the bet

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Heading for Sylvania Wilderness area in the U.P. I went last year and we did very well on some of the bigger lakes on the west end of the park. This year we are staying near the east end. Does anybody reccomend some of the smaller lakes on that side for smallies and largemouth.Also what lures have you had luck on. Thanks in advance Kevin
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Not too sure about East/West side of the park, but I will tell you what I know. Clark lake has some big big smallies. I saw e'm while snorkeling the shoreline. THe water is very deep and gin clear. lots of sand. You can easily wade into the shallow shores to be able to cast to the first sttep drop off. I like tube jigs and grubs myself.

Just south of Clark lake.literally along its southern shoreline, ther is a tiny little lake, don;t know the name, that you can access on foot. Again, mixed bag of big bass and short but fat northern. I would definitely recommend a canoe here.

Finally, Crooked Lake. You can rent Canoes at crooked lake resort. Owners, Mike and Boodle, are wonderful people and will set you up nicely. Fishing has always been good to me along the shores. I like safety pin spinners with a 2-21/2 inch minnow body. Catches mixed bags. Bass, pike, and some of the greatest panfish I have even seen.

hope this helps
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Kevin, have you talked to any ISA guys...I know several of them have been there many times. I saw their pics...they know where to go!!!
Thanks for the input guy's! Now if the weather would cooperate and June would just get here.
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