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Went with gone trout'n. The lake was dead calm. Water temps were 54 in the morning rising to almost 60 by the afternoon. We
caught a 4lb hybred,an 18in smallie and a
few white and yellow bass. all came on crankbaits.
Went with Long Arm Release. The lake was
pretty calm in the morning but winds picked
up from the SW making for a pretty good chop.
Water temp was 55 in the morning rising to
60 by the afternoon. All action hapened before
7:30 am. We caught a smallie, a 3lb hybred,
and Long Arm caught his first true muskie on
a spinnerbait. It was 30in. He said it was
due to skill, but I know it was boat control.
LOL! Overall, action was pretty slow for
the two days. By the way, water temp didn't
really vary from hot to cold side.

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Were there any hybreds chasing bait fish and breaking the surface?When this happens the bite can be great and you can capitalize on this feeding frenzy by casting silver blade baits into the school.
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