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Heidecke Spillway UPDATE

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Ok after my dad told me about the radio report and running into a reputable contractor who said nothing was done out their I took a ride and talked to some of the folks. The new spillway was NOT installed nor will it be installed in the real near future. They are not going to pump water into the lake to refill it-they are going to let it "naturally" fill back up. Only expect to have the one ramp open for April 1. The lake is a little higher than duck season but not a lot. I guess a big request is dont pull up to the ramp unless you are ready to really launch especially if only one ramp is going to be open. The guys who work out their would like to really make this a true hunting and fishing place but when you have a temp supervisor and possibly the new permanent supervisor for this place who really only cares about the nature trails and picknicing then that is not a good thing. The issue with why the lake was originally lowered last fall is a long story and unfortunately this is a exelon piece of property that the IDNR leases. I think 4 years left on the lease.
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I have never fished the lake but look forward to soon. Any tips for a bass fishing.
Thanks for the post. I hope they get their act together and get the ramps done and the lake back to level. How low is the water? With all the expanses of 8' depth in this lake, what would I'd expect to find now?
I guess we schould have expected this , from the electric co. to the DNR , to the govenor. This state just seems to be going down hill fast .
Not even the government can figure out their own requirements. The story I heard was that they needed permit(s) and forgot to apply for them, so no can build. I suppose they cut the wires to the pump too, so it won't run anymore (to fill or empty the lake).
The way I hear it the lake was lowered last fall , thats why guys were having problems at the launch. They lowered the lake to install a spill way , and only 1 launch out of the 3 was useable, and boats were backing of the end of the ramp and needed to be towed to get out, because nobody ordered gravel to fill the hole at the end of the ramp. So if they opened the pump house hole to lower the lake last year, and never fixed the spillway, guess what , the water will still be low, and noway to launch :)6
They installed gravel at the end of the ramps so your trailers wont fall off the edge of the ramp. I watched them spread gravel at all 3 ramps last fall after they closed the lake. The reason the 1 ramp was used is because it is the original ramp and the concrete on that ramp extends farther into the lake. The thought was you can back farther into the water with the ramp. I am lucky enought to have a roller trailer so I know my boat goes in because we duck hunted it this year. My biggest request is Dont back up unless your ready to launch and know your motor will start or at least get it off the trailer and out of the way. I can see some major backups for the guys who dont know what the heck they are doing or decide to put their back tires into the water.
1quacker; there were plenty of guys getting stuck or sliding on the ramps befor they lowered the water levels, as slick as they were befor , I can imagan what it will be like this year. I pulled guy's with 2 wheel drive pick ups before, with cab's full of water, my guess it will be worse this year.
I agree with 1 quaker the problem is this is a disaster waiting to happen. Even with all the people cooperating its still going to be a mess
Kiss that gravel goodbye! If it isn't gone from duck hunters power loading their boats , it will be gone when guys with 200hp engines power their boats onto their trailers! Be careful when you back up! I always spay my bunks on the trailer with silicone spray, I don't have to back as far down the ramp to load/unload the boat.
I wouldnt be to worried about the duck hunters power loading their boats , I was smacking the bottom of my motor skag just trying to idle it on the trailer. I dont have power trim on my 40. I should also mention the gravel was 2-3" rock and not driveway gravel.
Wow, it sure is going to be interesting. Think I'll take a wait and see approach this year before venturing out :eek:
Matt, I couldn't agree more, especially with what the temps can be around the opener anyways. It's something worth waiting and seeing what happens.
I kept looking for the spillway all fall and winter but I never saw it go in. I was hoping for new fishing spot on the Illinois. As far loading/unloading - it can't be any worse than last year before they closed it down, and many people were able to launch without problems. I think the people who will have problems are the inexperienced boaters. Also don't forget to bring some salt for the morning.
Heidecke ramp

This sounds like fun. I want to get out there next Wednesday but I'm really concerned. I am scheduled to leave on the 12th for Ky. Lake. Sure would hate to screw up my trailer that close to my trip. Actually don't want to screw it up at all!!!!!

I'll probably arrive late to let all the "special" people launch. And, I'll probably be by myself so will require a little more time than some with two people. But, I'm fairly adept at getting it off and tied out of the way so as not to hold the next launcher.

Anybody looking for a boat ride that day, PM me.

Matt, I assume you'll be working that day? You always have a standing invitation to fish on my boat!!
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