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hey musky tyme

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hey musky tyme, I have to thank you last year for the double cowgirl tip as i got my first musky a 53 incher at lac sule . but now i need a little info..looks like we can't get our normal guide so we are thinking about trying andy meyers on eagle lake. first of all we have two times to go due to son sports, july 4-10 or aug 3-10 which date do you think is better for muskie fishing ...also have you ever done the flyouts from there and which lakes do you like or is it not worth it..they also talk about a four wheel drive to some lakes, have you done this, is it worth it..and lastly how does this lake compare to lac more thing, any guides you can rec. for meyers would be helpful..thanks musky58
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Hey dude, I am glad to hear you did well, after I talked to you I scored some nice ones on Cowgirls in September again...

I would normally tell you to go up in July ( I will be there July 19th)

However, this winter looks like it has potential to drag on a little bit. That means later ice out, later water warm up, and later fish movement to the rocks. I would lean a little bit to August this year. Fish are easier to find when they are more rock related on Eagle, they are always in the weeds but almost all our big fish we actually boated came from rocks or rock/weed combos.

All those guides are awesome, I would suggest you ask for Cal or Mike but you won't be disapointed either way, they are all on the water everyday and talk to each other. Have them take you out on Sunday so you can use their info for the rest of your week...

The flyout lakes are a great experience, but it depends what you want. If you want a day where you can boat over 10 muskies with size not being an issue, they are awesome. If your goal is to get another monster like you got last year, don't waste your money. If you want to take a shot at an offroadd trip, ask them to take you to Ord Lake. You can get on some awesome walleye fishing, and you have a good shot at a 45"+ fish ( the fly ins you won't find much over 40"for muskies).

I think lac Seul is a great fishery, but I have been told by some good anglers you can go days without seeing a musky on Lac Seul. That won't happen to you at Meyers..

Let me know if you need anything else..
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Hey Musky, have you only fished out of Andy Meyers on Eagle lake? I have been looking there and have looked into South Shore lodge as well as Andy Meyeres. Do you have a preference at all if you've been to both? I just think Eagle lake would be a great place to take my wife for her first fishing trip but want to go to the best location.
I say Meyers...

South Shore Lodge is a boat in camp. I don't really see the positives of dealing with that inconvenience...the fishing on Eagle is good just about everywhere. The South end of the lake can be really hot and also really cold.

I have never been to a resort that focuses as much on fishing as Meyers. You get a lengthy seminar the first night about exactly what is going on with the fishing, spots, lures, techniques etc...They give you a marked map with all the guide spots, a great guide staff, a ton of options on outbound lakes...It's a little bit higher compared to some other places but I think it well worth it
Thanks for the info man. I'll take all that into consideration when I'm planning. Meyers is definately the more expensive of the two but maybe for good reason. So is the meyers lodge right off of the road then if its not boat in? Thats kind of unappealing to me if it is, when I go to Canada (ive been going for 20 years now, mostly to the english river system) i like to be out in as much of the wilderness as possible so to me a boat in might be more appealing.

Again, thanks so much for the info.

- Chris
i would also look into cedar point lodge i have been going to eagle lake for 11 years and have stayed there every year. The prices are reasonable, the fishing is great.. They have cabins, condos or you could camp if you want, The people who run are fantastic and will put you on fish if your having troubles finding them..
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