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Hiedecke closed today

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Drove out to hiedecke today and it was closed due to severe weather.That really sucked so headed to the DP boat ramp to put in.Bad ramp to put in at no docks in yet and brutal wind did manage one decent sauger about 20 inches first one on that stertch of river. It was really dark in color ,is that normal for that area?Got it pullin up river in 12 fow 49 degree water temp and about 9 inches of clarity. :roll: Maybe I should have posted on a diffrent forum ...oh well it is all related..Maybe hiedecke on Sunday :)2
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The wind is incredible today...
I hope today's 40+ mph wind will raise the water temps at Heidecke.
Maybe Augman69 and I will try the big H or elsewhere next week.
The water at heidecke was 48 on Tuesday :-? It went down from the last time I was there. It should get good real soon.
augman said:
The water at heidecke was 48 on Tuesday :-? It went down from the last time I was there. It should get good real soon.
Wow, I had it all the way up to 49 degrees two weeks ago :eek: Maybe by next week it will be right :-?
Good job,you like pullin all of a sudden ;) I'm going to pound H Sat. and Sun.They got to eat sooner or later.May try pullin minnows if the don't wan't cranks.Think lake about ready to explode.See you guys out there :)2
I was going to head out this weekend to try Heid....somebody said there is a Musky Tournament on saturday....anyone know if true from previous posts? Thanks
Lukan, That's what I keep thinking too. Hopefully you won't have monster winds, that limited what I can do the last time there. Post your results from the weekend, I'm curious and have to find somewhere to go next week.

Wind always a plus out there as well as overcast.Big wind scary in the Nitro.I know It won't sink or it already would have :lol:. Going to try some new things this year I picked up in the Walleye tourneys.Trolling with leadcore and line counters,3way rigs.We'll see. Will report :)2
I agree about the wind and about the boat I'm in a basscat....Good luck on your adventure.
Fish the windy shores on structure. You should get some. Long line shad raps or similar.

My last post. I feel so left out not being able to view SUBSCRIBERS reports. Not. Bye.

A FREE $15 worth of info.
Thanks ,but hasn't been working.You owe me 15 :lol:
Where did you get in DP at?

Tough again today,only 3 yellows.Tried everything,allmost.Hitting it again tomorrow.Can't get enough pain. :lol:
Tomorrow they bite
Went in th DP at the launch downriver from the railroad tracks acess it off Wilimington exit going south on 55 get off at wilimington exit b4 Kanakee river hang a right and follow the the road to first stop sign hang a left and it goes right to the ramp.You will see the signs.Going to Hiedcke tomorrow to try my luck..see ya out there
Nice work Jim and Scott. Sounds about time they put a walleye tournament out there eh? If a tournament for muskies can go, why not walleyes?

Maybe another chance to pay some folks some of my money :-D

Did you try the road? 1/2 oz bottom bouncer, green macks smiley and a fat nightcrawler (at least one with gulp crawler 8:) ). Troll at .8 and start out perpendicular. Than about 10 yards before, do a slow 90 east. Let them bouncers and crawlers slap the sides.

General dive curve on core at 2.5mph, 1 color about 6 feet for a F7 Clown, the original, fellas, with the chrome belly and ring. Shad raps (or flicker shads) #5, at 150 feet line, 9 feet, #7 14 feet. 10/4 fireline add a foot.

Thats worth at least $20.... :-D

Finally caught a eye today 16.5,1 yellow.Got him on a 5 in 7fow.Fished 3 till close.An excelent fisherman told me he caught 1st eye of year today.He's out ther almost every day.Marked some fish just off bottom.
nice job - and about time. I was starting to think those 6 stripers taken for the table were the last six fish in the lake. :lol:
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