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The wife is out of town so I took my four year old son to Heidecke this afternoon for some bank fishing. I put a minnow/bobber on his Kmart special and casted it out and while I was rigging up my pole I saw his bobber go under - hard. I raced down the rocks (nearly breaking my neck) to get at his pole so I could make the set. Got to the pole, bobber nowhere in sight, realed in the slack and set the hook (very late set I might add). 17 to 18" smallie! He was throat hooked pretty bad. I worked on him for a while and cut the line and pulled the hook through from the barb. Clean surgury! Tried to revive him and he started to show a little spunk. So I put him on the stringer to see if he would make it. If he wasn't gonna pull through he was gonna be dinner. He came back to full strength so I happily released him.

So I got my pole wet and started to put a new hook on Garrett's pole and bammo! my bobber goes under. I race down the rocks again for another <font color="#FF0000">butchers</font> late set. This time it was a 10" crappie. He didn't survive the surgury so I put him in the cold minnow bucket and eventually gave him to somebody else.

A few minutes after that some guys about 50 yards to our left pulled in a very big walleye (released). Ten minutes after that a guy in the same group landed a 32" muskie (released). They were asking if anyone had a camera. I had my digital but found out on my 18" smallie that the batteries were dead - x#@*^!

The bite died off after that inital flurry. I wished I would have gotten there a little earlier.

Have fun,
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