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Hi Everyone,

I am hosting a charity event for the "Hope for Vision" charity. They raise much needed funds to find cures for blinding eye diseases athat affect both young and old. They range from rare diseases you are born with to diseases that develop as you get older such as cataracts, glaucoma, . Think about how much we all take our sight for granted. Imagine not being able to do what you love - not being able to go fishing, see the sun rise, watch your son/daughter catch their first fish or perhaps watching your loved one suffer without the ability to see everything you can. Close your eyes the next time you are on your boat and try to fish - its not easy - in fact near impossible to be effective.

We can all make a difference here by doing what we love to do - fishing. My brother has one of these disorders and he is only 34 years old. He was born with it and its affecting him now. We have fished together our entire lives. You dont know what its like until it affects you. One of these could affect anyone of us. So please join us for a good time, food and raffles.

The event details are as follows:

Date: June 7 th, 2008 - Illinois Free Fishing Days
Place - Herrick Lake - Dupage County Forest Preserves
Time: Registration at 9:00
Fishing from 10:00 - 2:00
Grilled Lunch at 12:00
Raffle and Prizes at 2:30

Entry: $30 for fishing[and Lunch
$10 for Lunch only

Raffle Tickets : $6 for $5.00

Raffle prizes include $500 in fishing tackle/rods and the following thus far. More coming in every day

Funway family pass
Laugh Out Loud complimentary tickets
Naperville society family pass
hancock observatory complimentary tickets
double tree hotel oakbrook one night stay for 2
swedish american museum family pass
brunswick palatine family pass
marriott hotel one night stay for 2
eclipse theatre complimentary tickets
wine tasting 10 adults
the neo- futurists complimentary tickets
brunswick naperville family pass
metrppolis complimentary tickets
Trapdoor complimentary tickets
Lewis university complimentary tickets
hands on sci tech family pass
fox bowl family pass
Sybaris hotel frankfort gift certificate
UIC Mens Basketball game four tickets each
hollywood blvd moive tickets 2 peope per ticket
fleetwood roller rink complimentary tickets
actors workshop theatre complimentary tickets
chicago bulls year book Year Book
Brookfield Zoo family pass
Mortons Steak House $75.00 gift certificate
White Fence Farm gift certificate
The Patio- BBQ gift certificate
Nick BBQ gift certificate
Yogi Bear Camping - 2 free days gift certificate

Please join us and support this cause. For entry information please email me at

Joe Skafar
[email protected]

We are limited to 100 people. Pre-reigistration preferred to guarantee a spot. Bring your family to enjoy the day, cheer you on and and win some great prizes.

Pics of the fishing prizes are available as well

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Gonna ask just a couple of quick questions before I say "I'm in"

1. Do you know how much the rental boats are at Herrick? Can you bring your own carry in, or is there a launch (I can't remember, I haven't fished there in years).

2. Will there be shore fishing / boat fishing categories or will it be one big tourney?

3. Will there be a childrens division on the tournament?

4. Can we get tournament rules ahead of time?

5. It says you are limited to 100 spots is that just tournament, or both tourney/picnick?

I'm sure I sound like a dipstick asking these questions, but I've never done any sort of tournament before (not even a local township fishing derby), and want to be ready to go.

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Questions about event

Thanks for the your interest. I apologize for the delay in responding, i was traveling for work.

For starters, it is a charity event. We hope everyone comes out to support the charity and to have a good time fishing while fishing. Going home with some nice prizes would be a bonus.

Regarding boat fishing - to keep things even, we are limiting the event to shore fishing. It will make registering fish in this catch and release event much easier. Measurements will be taken and the fish immediately released. All Illinois DNR regulations apply. Please bring your own bait. Bait may be available and sold at Herrick woods.

We originally were limiting the event to adults - 16 and older however have opened it up to all ages. We will separate the prize categories into two age groups - one for adults and one for children. Still working on the break point - depends on the ages we have signed up as we get closer. Prizes will be different for adults and children.

Regarding rules - there will be three prizes categories Largest, most and smallest for each prize group. Decisions will be made only on length measurement - weight will not be considered. Again, easier and less damage to fish. Each person will be given a wrist band and a number. Judges will have a clipboard with numbers 1 through ??. Your fish will be measured and registered by your number. At the end of the 4 hr event - winners will be tallied. Raffle tickets will be available troughout the event. Prizes and raffle will be at the conclusion of the fishing.

If you have not participated in a fishing tourney - this will be a light version to get your feet wet. We are not heavy on the rules. We are encouraging everyone to come out, support the cause and have a good time. No one will be walking away with a new bass boat here - but instead some tackle, a full belly and a good feeling that you just helped a great cause while doing what you love to do. How often do you get a chance to do that?.

So bring your kids, wives, girlfriends, Mom's, Dad's, Grandpa's and Grandma's. You never know when they may need the research we are funding or perhaps even you.

One last thing regarding the limit - we are limited to 100 people total for the event. It is the limit of the permit so I encourage anyone interested in coming to please contact me as soon as possible so we could put get you on the list.

[email protected]

I have photos of the tackle prizes and raffle items if anyone is interested.
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