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Just wanna know if anybody got some info on montrose this week is going to be in great weather to hit the piers but before i do just wana know how its going so far any nice perch by the pier or wats the situation over their thanks alot guys oh by the way any cohos near the pier thanks
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Zero perch this time of year at montrose. You might get a couple hundred at Navy Pier with a total weight of 2lbs. 3 oz. All dinks! If your going to Montrose try for some browns or small cohos. They have been getting a few fish here and there inside the harbor on smaller casted baits and golden roaches down 5-8 feet. If the weather does what it is supposed to do this week then you might want to try lakeside at montrose with or without a powerline. I believe they will be killing the cohos by mid-week out there. Good luck.
big saw said:
I believe they will be killing the cohos by mid-week out there. Good luck.

Can I quote you on that? Wait, too late already did!

I'm hoping for an early morning bite, I have a few early morning runs planned for this week.
Just walking past the lakeside powliners yesterday, I saw 3 fish being pulled up within about a 50-yard stretch--and that was with pretty heavy chop and churn.
Is their any luck with crankbaits to give it a shot , wat about cleos has anybody try any of that stuff besides worms and fatheads ???
Wat should be the best spot to try fishing at lakeside or work my way around to the pier ??? Any info would be great guys the reason im asking this is because my birthday is this wendsday and as you guys can see its going to be great weather like 70 inland and 60 to 65 lakeside so i was hoping to spend some time in the morning out to enjoy a great day in the lake , anybody welcome to join me that would be great !!!!!
Maybe get some nice cold coronas out their lol thanks guys
I was out at montrose today. I saw one guy catch a nice brown on a cleo. I think it was a 2/5 oz green/silver
Fishing 773, I will be there weds am. I'm going to be powerlining and casting. The answer to your question about cleos and cranks is yes. Fish will be caught on both. As to the Coronas the answer is don't get caught ! The chicago police on bycicles WILL issue a ticket. No alcohol allowed in the park.
what time you heading out bob? i might check it out tomorrow am maybe 5 - 730 ish before work.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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