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Hello everyone,

my fiancé and I purchased a home on Gages Lake (Grayslake) this past September. The previous owner said that he kept the pier in every year, so when time got away from us with the move and planning our wedding, etc, through the winter we didn’t panic much about taking the pier in and figured we would deal with it in the spring.
Well, now here we are and apparently I have missed the bus on companies coming out to our lake to install piers. Neither of us have lived on a lake before, so we are super new to this and don’t have a grasp on the very basics. I thought I might come here to ask if anyone has any advice or suggestions on where to point me to figure out how to straighten out our pier ourselves or find someone who can? When I try to find information online, I can only seem to find articles on fully installing a dock from land. You know, the way we are supposed to.
apologies if I am posting in the wrong spot, or asking an insane question. I truly have no clue at all what I am doing.
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