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I-88 and Farnsworth

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Our office just moved to this location. I get an hour for lunch and would like to fish. I have been fishing the Fox river with not much luck. Would anybody care to give up any spots within 10 min of this interchange. I would prefer a subdivision or local pond as they are pretty easy to deal with. Hey and if your interested maybe we can meet there for lunch. If so I thank you greatly.
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I got 3 for ya' the rest are all No tresspassing.
PM me your Email I'll send you a map.
i live about 5 mins from there and know just about every hot spot little pond.... if you need more help then the 3 he is talking above me let me know....
Thanks for the offers.

Oldschool, do I have to be subscriber to PM??? I tried and it said not authorized.
I believe you need to have 10 posts under your belt. 8 down... 2 to go! ;)
Revo dont know if it was you who pm me but can not check it yet do not hve enough post
I just want to say thanks to Oldschool for some direction and explanation. Thanks now I have something to do at lunch.

Fishinfreak, I did not PM you but if you have some info I am always interested. Thanks to everybody here as well as CLF.

Glad to hear that you got the help you were looking for Paul. It's a great site! Now don't hesitate to be a subscriber ;)

I'm new to this website also and am very, very close to this area too. I have just taken up fishing recently. Old School, mind sharing your spots w/someone else? Since I'm new to CLF, I cant send PM's yet I don't think...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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