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I finally bought my kayak

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I finally bought my kayak after 4 years of "well I need to buy one" I got one on the cheaper side because of money. I got a Pamlico 100, I hope it works for what I need it for I just need to take it out. I have a cheap coleman inflatable kayak that is not that bad, but I got wet and cant use it when it was cold. but I needed a real one so I got one. I have used kayaks to fish out of if Florida and they are the best thing ever. I live in the SW subs and if you have any tips were to go fishing in my yak that would be a awesome.
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I'm also in the SW burbs, and will be taking my 'yak out for the first time when it warms up a bit.

I'm hoping to hit the I&M ( put in at Chanahon) and maybe Tampier as my first trips.

The Dupage is not too far away, and, though a bit smaller, Hickory Creek is also in the vicinity.
I started last summer by getting some skills practicing in a local small lake, then hit Lake Michigan downtown and Wilmette, Deep Quarry and the Fox River in Elgin and Port Barrington. Some extra safety precautions and some research should be used before hitting the big pond.
Hey guys, been a while since I visited the site, not sure if this web site has been shared lately, but the maps show plenty of places to get that new Pamlico wet.

One of my boats is the the Pamlico 120 and it's a great little boat for short fishing trips on smaller water. I fish the Fox River all year and hit smaller ponds in the Crystal Lake area. I don't have an account to post pictures, but I made several useful modifications like adding inexpensive rod holders and plier sheatlhs on the boat to enchance my outings. I will try to find the time to take some photo's and post on a free photo site and send a link.
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