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Weather was better than predicted yesterday morning.
My 10 year old nephew and I were at the Feed Loft when they opened @ 7am.

Started fishing by the bridge. Not much happening.
Another fisherman nearby pulled in a couple small bass.

Nephew was starting to get bored, when a big ol' bass took a pass at his minnow, as he was reeling it in, 2ft from the bank.
lots of splashing, maybe two seconds of excitement, but enough to keep him happy for awhile.

There's a spot that almost always produces, which is why I took him there for his first fishing trip. we set up shop there soon after, near the base of one of the locks.

I had a rock bass right away, out of the water, it shook off.
My nephew laughed at me, and soon after started to get bored again.

Until he caught his first rock bass.
And I caught a 14 inch bass by casting across the current to the opposite side of the canal.
Then he caught his first bass, slightly larger than the one I had landed.

We got photos.

I caught a 2nd bass, about 11 inches soon after that.

Then, as is often the case at this spot, that was it. Action is red hot for 30 - 45 minutes, then turns off like someone flipped a switch.

we poked around a bit more, fished for a few minutes above the dam on the Dupage, then packed it in.

I apparently rock, which is good to know.

I've suspected for some time that I rocked, but was good of my nephew to verify it for me.

I also suspect I've got a new fishing buddy.

good day on the I&M.

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It always feels good to turn a kid onto fishing. last year i took my 2 nieces a 5yr old and a 7 yr old out. For the first time. I have a little pond near by that produces a ton of bluegills they had a blast. The older niece caught thought she got snagged I went get it out and found a 3 lb bass slammed the little bluegill she caught. I thought we were going to lose it on little mermaid fishing pole. She was amazed when i helped her bring it in. Now they want to go all of the time and always bug my inlaws to take them. If I cant get over there. I try to take them once a month. I'm taking them to another place next week i hope it produces for them.
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