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Ice out on Delavan?

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Does anyone know if Delavan is soft water again? Did well on the ice last winter (is it over?) and would like to get out in the boat as close to ice-out as possible. Of course the public boat ramp would have to be open as well....
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Believe it is all open now, pier is in at the public launch.
What can you fish for at this time of the year?
Until the official Wisconsin opener, you are limited to fishing for panfish. Be careful about that. If you get checked and you are using a #7 Shad Rap or a big buzz bait they WILL give you a ticket 'cause they know what you fish for panfish with. I believe the opener is May 1st, but you need to check the regs to be sure. After that there is some great small mouth and northern fishing. Personally, I go there for the nice big Crappies.
The opener is always the first Saturday in March, which falls on May 3rd this year. The last report I saw had the main lake b/w 44-46 and some of the shallower nooks and crannies all the way up to 50. Not too bad considering how late the ice out was. Not many crappie reports yet, but that should change with the nice weather.

The first saturday in March falls on May 3 this year !!!!!
Re: Delevan

glencop said:
The first saturday in March falls on May 3 this year !!!!!
Damn, maybe if we are ice fishing :p Maybe I should not have passed on the coffee this morning :oops: The first Saturday in May boys, the first Saturday in May :p
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