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If anyone has been out on the river, or will be out on the river this week, I would appreciate a report. I am looking on getting out this coming weekend, and would like to know what to expect. Thanks
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I took my boat out for the first time last Sunday. I started off to Morris to put in at Stratton Park but found it closed. I took DuPont Road west off of 47 and tried Mallard Bay in Marseilles..... It had barricades at the entrance..... I ended up at Ottawa and launched at the East end of Allen Park.....

The water level has come down a lot in the last week, but that current is really moving along. There was hardly any debris when I was there Sunday morning. I felt comfortable getting up on plane and running 30 mph or so.... There were about 10 boats out on the river between the locks and the park. They all said fishing was slow, but nevertheless they were glad to be out on such a great day.....

Morris should be open by today for sure, and if there isn't a lot of rain between now and this coming weekend, you should be fine if you get the chance to get out......

So many fish, so little time....:smile:


Went to the river on Friday only to find it flooded and looking like chocolate milk. We were at Starved Rock. Should be better by now, but I will wait a little longer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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