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Illinois Smallmouth Meeting Yesterday was great

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<font color="#00FF00">Yesterday's meeting was really good! Lots more turned out than i expected! We did get to ask some questions regarding fishing and canoeing laws. Game warden Brian Alt was on duty and he did a great job answering many tough questions we trough at him. Example; did you know that even though people canoe the kishwaukee all the time and even though there are canoe launches basicly in every Preserve in Rockford that once you leave that Preserve you are tresspassing. Did you know that if you are intoxicated and paddling a canoe you be arrested for B.U I. sounds stupid to me too but this is the law! I want to send out a huge thanks to all that attended yesterday,i hope you got a chance to meet fellow fishermen and learn about the Alliance. Kevin Dells</font> :)23
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