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I tried calling again this morning to seek help on trying to resolve the tournament issue, but no one is taking or returning my phone calls. I did get an e-mail from the person that I have been trying to speak to in the form of a CC' on an e-mail to Mark Ments asking as to "Why?" he is not allowing the event to take place.

I am not sure if this is going to do anything, but if I do not hear from Mr. Ments by 4:00pm I will have no option but to cancel the event to avoid having 70 people show up this Sunday and finding out that there is no tournament and being upset, postcards will be mailed this afternoon to let everyone know that we tried our best...but if there is no support to allow the tournament to happen...there is not much we can do!

Not sure what to say, other than keep your fingers crossed and if things don not work out...thanks to those who sent your entries in, and we hope to see you next year (if they even allow the tournament to happen anymore!). Those who sent in your entry fees should get them back within 2 weeks.

Greg Banks
Illinois Valley BassMasters
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