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Met up with The Woodbutcher this morning and we decided to launch out of Whiting Park and try an old favorite, the state line generating plant. We were the first boat at the plant and a number of shore anglers were already at the east corner and at the discharge. First pass past the discharge produced nothing for us but one of the guys on shore got himself a coho. Second pass and the first coho of the day was in the box. Firetiger thunderstick jr. pulled 25ft. behind a bird was the ticket. Early chatter on the radio was pointing to the Pastrick area as producing fish. After an hour with nothing to show for our efforts we pulled lines and headed east.
Next stop, the shipping canal. While setting up lines, I was about to attach a bird to the firetiger thunderstick when it was ripped from my hands. Fish number 2(21" coho). 2 hrs later only one other coho had made it to the box.Caught on a red/black striped rattling thin fin flatlined 75 ft. back. Radio chatter indicated hot action still continued around Pastrick. So off we went towards Pastrick, trolling along the way.
On the way there another coho was boated.This time on a firetiger shadrap flatlined 75ft. back.
Now we were at the east wall of inland where we made one pass south to a point between the first light and the hole in the wall and back north to the end of the east wall. Three coho on the south run and two coho and a 25" steelhead on the north run. 2 coho on a firetiger rattling trap and 2 coho and the steelhead on the thin fin. All flatlined 75-100 ft. back.
Miller time!

Got Five Browns between 2 and 6 lbs inside Monroe Harbor from shore. Was out from 11:00 to 1:30. # took chatruese shallow shad rap, one on squid and the other on firetiger thin fin. Water was calm...kicked myself for not bringing the boat out. Nice day out.
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