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Inland Wall

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Launched out of Whiting Park with the Woodbutcher on Sat. morning. Went out to the Shipping Canal and made one circuit. One hit on a firetiger thunderstick jr. pulled 25ft. behind a bird that got off on the first jump and we were out of there.
Started to troll along the north face of the Inland Wall when the fog rolled in. Not as thick as pea soup but enough to make things interesting with all the boats out there. Managed to pick up 4 fish along the north face. 1 coho and a 20" brown on the firetiger thunderstick/yellowbird presentation;1 coho on a green/gold Miller fly orange dodger set 7 ft, down and 30 ft. back on a downrigger; 1 coho on a goldshiner RS shadrap flatlined 100ft. back.
By the time we got to the east wall the fog was lifting revealing a large pack of boats working all around the area.
Working the east wall we got into a double near the hole-in-the-wall. A coho on the flatlined goldshiner RS shadrap and 25" steelhead on a red/ black striped rattling thin fin flatlined 65 ft. back. Got nothing for the next 2 hours and went to the beach area by Pastrick where we got a couple and lost a big one late Friday afternoon. Nothing again. Tried Buffington with the same results.
Worked the east face of Inland again and managed 1 more coho on a Rapala Team Esko Goldfish flatlined 100 ft. back. Got a couple more hits and threw back a coho of about 8".
Couldn't find any schools of coho all morning and just picked away at the stragglers. A few boats managed to get their limits and a few boats came away empty handed. Everyone was somewhere in between that. The guys who ventured out to the 50ft. plus depths reported good catches and action along with good concentrations of baitfish farther out.
Good Luck!
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