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Is it me OR...

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Hey guys just wondering if anyone else is experiancing what I am. Does it seem like the coho run hasen't even started yet. All my usual spots aren't producing like they should. Just wondering. :)16
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They were biting great until the winds churned up the lake they will turn on with the right winds then we,ll be RIPPEN SOME LIPS!!!
its been a good year for me ,been fishing at the gary light and limiting every time. monday we had a two man limit in 25 minutes, gotta go where the fish are at.
What time were you there monday????? I was the 3rd. Boat there right after sunup and the 2nd. boat there was with us. Only saw 5 boats till about noon and talked to everyone of them and nobody did well at all. If fact we only got 6 fish in 4 hrs and that was anchoring in the discharge, working the rocks, and trolling. Other boat got 4 and spoke to 2 other boats that had only 3 and 4 and we didnt see anyone else there. I tend to agree with Nitro Pete, we have been getting fish but its been tough and the only really good day Ive had was at the gary light two weeks ago on a wednesday. Only had that one day were we got 30 or more fish, mouth of the ditch , baileys and the port have been slow to say the least. As I said we have been getting a limit but it take 4 ot 5 hours were it used to take 1 hour.
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i was there monday or tuesday, im laid off so i cant rember one day from the next, at 6:30 am in the green and tan lund fisherman 17'er. we were trolling the inside wall with black with green bellies taildancers at 2.2 to 3mph and couldnt keep all 4 poles in the water. this color of bait have really produced alot of coho for me the past 2 years. from what i see, im no expert at any means, that everyone is trollin too slow. im not really sure if the taildancer has better action atthe higher trolling speeds or the coho are on a reaction bite with the speed. this has out produced everyone that i see fishing out there. hope this helps. the casting bite at the discharge has dried up did really well last week casting white jigs with squid. caught a limit of all browns and all of them over 6lbs and one weighed 18lbs but friday they were all gone and went back to trolling. i even caught a larger coho, while speeding up tho get back to the hot spot, at 4.9mph!

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I agree with the speed. We limited out the last two times out(2 hrs. and 1 hr.). We're passing alot of boats while trolling 2.5 to 2.7 mph. If we slow down to 2.3 or slower our catch rate also slows down.

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OK, it must of been tuesday cause there was no lund there monday. Story of my life, I couldnt make it tuesday so we decided to go monday and we normally kill em on taildancers but not monday, it was slow. Its the old story . I should have been there yesterday or else boy, they turned on the day you left.We have 16footer so we have to be kind of careful when we make the run to the light from burns ditch. Wind has got to be right for us.
:)18 Well I'm glad others have been having some trouble fishing at the mouth and the port. We do really well on the browns at the discharge in the port but barely any cohos. Even trolling we only get one every two times we go around the port. We did do really well after work one day at the trump casino. I think we got 22 in two hours. Oh well going to go to gary light house next. I'm in a red Nitro so if you see me out there stop by and lets share info. Till Later...
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