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It's Been A While... 10 New Shots

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I had a little camera related accident & had to send a lens in for repairs. I've been without it for a while, so I haven't been shooting much. I got it back, and a new 400mm one also. Here are a few from the last couple weeks...Enjoy!

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I used to have a subscription to Natural History Magazine
published by the Museum Of Natural History in N.Y.

Your photos always remind me of the kind of shots they would publish.

You should submit some...
Again GREAT SHOTS. Almost to the point of being able to touch the subjects & feel the fur/feathers, sat here waiting for the Seagull to poop :p

Out of these it's the color of the Woodie & color contrast between the Seagull & sky that that gives it a great dramatic effect.

REALLY ENJOY your time & effort, thanks.
Guys...thanks for the comments. Raptor..maybe in the future I'd do something like that. As far as I'm concerned, I'm still learning. I just started shooting wildlife last fall. Maybe I'll get there. Thanks again!
Really like the squirrel one,Gotfish.You have a knack for it :)2

Thanks alot! I think I got some more squirrels this morning. I can't open the files until I get home later, but if they're good, I'll post 'em. Thanks again!
Was wondering where you've been. Missed my dose of the country in my office. :lol:
Sorry for the delays Big Saw...but I'm back in business, and I'll have more coming in the next day or so... stay tuned. :-D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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