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Just got back from 4 days on Kentucky Lake.

Water is very high, dropping and rising. Cold fronts galore. Rain. Lightning. High winds. One low sittin' boat got half sunk at the dock overnight. Should have been in a slip with his bow facing the wind and waves.

Got completely out-fished by my daughter, but it sure beats the heck out of work, so no complaints.

Even handed my rod to my wife to help my daughter and she caught one on it. Made the score 33-21-1.

The majority of our fish came from our dock when the north and east winds blew us off the lake. About half were skip jacks(what are those things, are they edible??---they fight hard), pert-near a dozen largemouth, half a dozen yellow bass and the rest crappie. And one big ugly drum.

All the jigs and spinnerbaits were put aside and the old reliable splitshot above a medium minnow on a gold aberdeen thin wire #2 hook was our weapon of choice.

Shawnee Bay's dock has 16 slips and sits in 12-14 feet of water. We were most productive about 6 feet down from the surface.

Had enough keepers for a nice fish fry.

Didn't get to hook up with Wiskers, but did manage to converse on the phone. Pretty much the same all over. Tough out on the lake, but with the success we were having on the docks, most of the visitors in the resort followed our lead and fished the dock. Made for good conversations and a few hearty laughs.

As we were leaving, we booked another trip for next year's Spring break. Hope to see ya there.
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