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I said I'd give you a report when I got back from Kentucky Lake, well, here it is. And you're not going to like it.
This trip was, in a word, HORRIBLE! Four of us went down, 2 each in 2 boats. We were all over Jonathan Creek, and Duncan Bay, and several other areas as well. We caught just 3 crappies, 2 yellow bass, and some drum (Sheephead) for the whole 3 1/2 days!!!!!!!
We worked hard to find fish, too. My friends do not float around drinking beers, we fish hard, all day long, and we still couldnt find the fish. Remember what I said about hiring a guide? DO IT! They were the only ones catching anything. They took their clients to their "secret" brush piles and they managed to scratch up between 12 and 25 fish for the whole day. Even they were having trouble.
Our resort manager said this was the WORST spring theyve have for crappie in a long time. They claim that, due to warmer water in February than in March, then heavy rains and flooding which raised, then dropped, water levels, the crappie never got into their usual patterns. They were very scattered as a result. It would actually be more productive to fish for bass. Some guys were taking bass on crankbaits and plastic lizards while we were there.
If you still want to try fishing without a guide (since they are expensive) then you might want to try drifting or anchoring way in the back of Jonathan Creek just outside the bridge at the back of the bay. Many boats were in there and the guys who could find some of the stumps in there caught a FEW fish.
Sorry this couldnt be more helpful. Good luck!
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