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Kentucky Lake

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Can't wate untill April 20th , thats when we leave for Kentucky Lake to do some crappie fishing . Been going for about the last eight years . I and four other guys fish out of a town called Aurora Kentucky . Last year we brought back one hundred crappie, and the year befor we bruoght back two hundred . This year were going about a weak latter do to Easter being so early.
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Any suggestions on where to fish? I'm heading down there on Easter Sunday and heading back Thursday. I'm hoping to get into some early season bass as well as some slab crappies. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
i'll be there on father's day and that whole week.
stayin at shawnee bay.
guide the first day then on my own with my son.
LM are supposed to be on pretty well at that time.

let's keep this thread going cuz i'd like to stay clued in to what's going on down there :)
....I'm headed down the first weekend in May to fish for 3 days. Cant wait. Just got back from Fork in Texas, it was great.

Anyway, i think by June the LM have moved back out, which is sometimes the best action cuz you can get them in bunches. I would imainge drop shotting, spoons, and carolina rigghing would be effective around then....but with this weather who knows...they may still be spawning!!!!!

I've stayed at Shawnee.......nice house rentals, but their boat rentals were awful. Hopefully you have your own.
I was at Shawnee Bay Resort 2 times last year. One week in April and one week in October. I love the place. I don't know if I am going to make it there this year. I was there with my son who can not make it this year. We upgraded on the boat, not the ranger but the one a little cheaper. We loved it. When you spend all day in a boat you need to be as comfortable as possible. Good luck to all you guys that are going and please post so I can see what I m missing.

ElPescador I remember you from this thread last year hope you do well.
ranger, never heard anything bad about kentucky lake. all good things that make me want to hide in one of your suitcases!! good luck wish I was there!!

We usually fish the cribs and under water brush piles . Just use a plain hook and minnow below a slip bobber nothing fancy . We always take our own minnows . In the morning and evening we fish shallow and during the day we fish deep about thirteen to fifteen feet . We rent a boat slip out of Sportsman Marina for $10.50 a day and that includes electric and a locker .
that's what i've been told about the lm. off the deep ledges between 15 and 23 feet in june. i've never fished here before so my expectations are those of fishing nirvana. hope i'm not disappointed. i got a guide for the first day i'm there so i'm kinda geeked about that. never fished with a guide before and this guy seems really good. kirk weber. anyone ever use him?
i've also heard nothing but good things about shawnee. i've got cabin 4 i think. i reserved a grunman bass boat but i'm gonna try talkin my cousin into letting me take his boat. with the gas prices though, i don't know if it'd save me money or cost me money to pull it down there.
i remember you too foster. we chatted about this a few months ago. :)
I think getting a guide is a good move, he will at least get you on fish, probably carolina rigging or something. We have always found fish there, they havent always been big but hey, beggars cant be choosers right? and we never even had a boat with any electronics, so you should be able to find em.
Just got back from Kentucky Lake. Fishing was slow but the quality of fish was really good. Caught 1 bass over 5lbs and a number of fish in the 2-4lb range. Crappie bite was almost non-existant. Water level is 4ft over summer pool and still rising water temp is 49 degrees. Crappie are scattered. Caught bass tight to shore and tight to cover. I can't figure out how to post pics otherwise I would. If you can tell me how I will post them.
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