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Kinney in Hudson Wisconsin

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Last weekend I was at the Kinney, in Hudson Wis. Across the border from St. Paul. For being ice cold, and breaking my rod we actually did ok. It was horrific cleaning the ice out of the eyelets but it was worth it all the same. Between four guys fishing nymphs, and buggers we caught a mixed bag of about 20-25 browns and rainbows, the biggest we had two browns that went 18-19 in. It was awesome! But being from Evanston JRG, do you often get to the lake and flyfish? I was wondering cuz I am not to familiar with how and where to fish it? I wish I could fish the lagoon here at school, wow! Saw quite a few bass 6lb+ Oh well, yeah good luck when you get the chance to get out! Tight Lines yall!
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