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Kudos on the new site

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Great job on the new site. I have been a fan of CLF for about two years. The new site is easy to navigate and it loads a whole lot faster. Thanks also to all of you who share information on a regular basis. Chicago fishermen are a great bunch. Remember CPR. Take home the occasional medium sized walleye for the table but let the big ones go... they are the future of sport fishing.
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I agree, though I am still getting used to it.
Hey guys, what is an average size walleye for the fox? Are they really ok to eat?
i think the average size walleye depends on where you fish on the fox. i have seen a hundred reports of people catching huge numbers of 8-12"walleyes in a trip, with the biggest usually around 14". thats usually in yorkville i think. i have only caught 2 this year around that size. the average walleye i get is probably 16", with plenty of 20"ers and better i always seem to loose at my feet. i dont get the numbers of walleyes, but the ones you catch are usually real nice. i usually fish between st charles and upper batavia for walleyes. usally a split shot and a minnow in large deeper eddys, or under spillways can be good spots. the 2 biggest walleyes i caught last year were caught on large creek chubs. i know of several people that eat walleyes out of the fox. half say they taste like mud, and the other half say they are tasty.
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The walleyes taste ok. I usually keep a couple each year to eat. They do have the faint flavor of the treatment plant discharge - you know, a flavor that matches the general smell of the river. I do expect the quality to decline as the Fox River valley population grows and more and more effluent is pumped into the river
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