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Lak Glenview Map

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Here is a map not a depth map of Lake Glenview I use it to mark where I have caught fish from just wanted to show you guys that there is a map of the place.
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Hey, thanks for the map!!! :)2

I appreciate the trouble you went to to make that available on CLF. 8:)

How has the fishing been for you? That's a good tactic for the future to mark the good spots, not asking for that information, but what are you catching, and what works good for you on that lake? :eek:
I have only used worms there so thats all i caght stuff on I usally fish by the fountain by the amplitheater. There are some nice bluegill there and i caught a 17" bass there just like 4 feet out. Also a big bullead but only once. Also I caught a good sized gill by the front of the main building last week.
I fish the same way a lot, freelining 'crawlers has been very successful in many different fishing scenarios... If you can tolerate the nibbling of the bluegills on the end of the worm. :lol:

If you are going for the 'gills, you might want to try waxies (maggots) on a #8 or smaller hook, with 2 to 4 lb. test and a Thill float...

It's a deadly method. See the thread on Barth Pond to get an idea of what you can do with this set-up. Course, we use a groundbait mixture to chum a spot as we fish. This keeps the fish in front of you and is environmentally safe, feeding such small amounts only helps the fish to grow bigger...

Of course, this is all catch and release to keep the lake producing bigger fish.

Check out the Mick Thill Forum for lots of information... If you have questions, ask by posting a new thread, or PM me.
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yep i used this map the first time i went to the lake to find wind-blown spots, fish concentrator spots, etc. The thing is, however, it doesn't show any depth, and most parts of the lake are shallow except the portion next to the park district building where everyone fishes. You can expect some bluegill action almost everywhere on the lake, since they seem to dominate that lake.. but if you wanna catch big fish, from 7in bluegills to 18in walleyes, i'd recommened the southern portion, even though there maybe a lot of fishing pressure. And since they like to tear off worms, try leeches or minnows..
Anyone have a mirrored link to the map of lake glenview or maybe an image grabbed? I'm a novice fisherman and am not on any of the social media nonsense but I did a google search for lake glenview and hit this page. I'd like to catch a pike before I turn 61 in July!
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