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What a difference 6 weeks make. Last time both the weather and the water temps were brutal, this time, cool water and low to mid 70s temps.

Got there Thursday evening and the rain gods let loose for almost 2 hours. Water way down so the rain was much appreciated. Brought back another 4 bags of millfoil I pulled up. Had the whole area cleaned out in July and it came back with a vengeance. Great compost although I was actually shivering a bit harvesting the stuff.

As to fishing: Crappies, crappies and more crappies. The dominant class is 8'', with a few 9'' mixed in. Caught so many I stopped fishing for a while as it was too easy LOL. Meat hogged 51 crappies and 1 gill also about 8''. Could have easily had another 24 fish for a 3 day creel of 75 total. No thanks.
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