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Showed the fish no quarters, dimes, nickels or cents.

Once again crappies everywhere - last year they were running mostly 8'', this year they were running closer to 9''.

Decided to try plastic on one rod, minnow on the other (all trolling). As far as the crappies were concerned it was pretty much a 50% on each but the jig.minnow combo landed me about 8 bass (mostly 8 - 10'') but also a nice 15''. It also landed me two gills (largest 10'') and 2 perch (around 9 - 10''). The only fish besides the crappie on the plastic was a gill.

No thermometer to take the water temp, but crappies were in spawn.

Typical crappie

Nice gill:


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(June) Lake 16 (trowbridge township) report

Went back again, lake was high but not well above flood stage as it was about a week earlier. Gills did not seem to be in spawn as the males really had no color and did not see any bedding. Was catching gills off the dock (about 6 feet down in 10 - 15 FOW) the first few days but then the smaller ones seem to move in so I switched to going after crappies. Like my trip in May, the crappie bite was on, even mid day in full sun. Was using a jig & minnow and trolling in while in a paddle boat. Hey, what works, works. Ran out of minnows and switched to gulp alive and crappies did not seem to mind, although I seem to have many more lost fish. Perhaps they were just grabbing on the back end, not sure. Only 2 largemouth neither of any great size.

Larger gills:

Plenty this size:

Purty sunfish:

Smaller size crappie:

"larger" size
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