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lake erie walleye 4/13-14

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Fished yesterday afternoon on Lake Erie & this morning. Yesterday not one walleye, two beautiful smallies caught while trolling for walleyes.
This morning went out early, 2 miles straight out from wild wings marina, fished 13-15' caught our limits in 1/2 hour. 5/8 chart. jig & minnow caught 1/2 of the fish, others came on chart. blade bait. Brought our fish in, went out again & returned with our second limits. Was on the road coming home by 10:00 this morning.
Talked to a few guys who were trolling 10-12 miles out, diving stick baits, catching huge females. All in all an excellent short trip.
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Anyone wanting to walleye fish lake Erie I have a friend who is a guide out of wild wings. His Name is Craig Adams he is a full time guide and will put you on the fish. I fished the last two weekends with limits every day but one. that four days fishing and lots of walleye in the freezer. If you want his number please E-mail me at [email protected] I can fix you up. It is a great trip. Thanks jared.
How did you come up with handle "biotroller"?
I teach Biology, I also spend many hours each year trolling for walleye's! I'm checking the reports before I leave tonight for another lake Erie weekend. Looks like the wind is going to cooperate! I'm going to try for quick limits before dawn with zip baits, if successful, head out to deeper water & troll for pig walleyes.
Are you dragging your own boat to Erie or doing charters?

If'n your own Pride and Joy, how is it rigged?
I fish out of a 17' boat, I have a 50 tiller and a 7.5 4- stroke kicker, I have eight rod holders on the boat, scotty's & ram tubes,(I don't care for the tubes) GPS, VHF, 2 eagle locators, bow mount trolling motor, removeable cannon downriggers. I've fished up to 12.5 miles out on Lake Michigan & Saginaw Bay, I've also used it on Green Bay & Erie. I love the open layout of the boat it's just big enough to allow me to fish the big lakes if the conditions are ideal & fish the small lakes if the conditions are bad.
I'm in the process of upgrading, I'd like to get the 185 tournament pro made by alumacraft, 18'11" long-96" beam. I hate to say that I wont have a tiller at the end of my arm for the first time in many years! I'm looking to get it rigged with a 150 yamaha, I'm trying to see if I can find one for the right price, I've found a few underpowered ones but not the right one yet! I could get it with a 100 tiller but I feel it would be sadly underpowered, it's rated for a 200. I only regret that I wont be able to get under the bridge at Heideke with this boat, looks like I'll have to take out the duck boat for those trips!
Fished Erie Saturday morning for a total of about 2 hours, it was really rolling, my wife was sick by the time we made it out. Listening to the VHF, the weather was going to be worse on Sunday, pulled the boat on the trailer & went home! I'll give it a try out there again in a few weeks, this weekend it's supposed to rain, perfect time to find my new boat! While I was out I didn't see any fish caught, only heard a couple of guys on the radio who had caught a two fish in four hours. Fishing was great but the catching sucked! Take care
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I was supposed to spend the next 2 days on Erie but the captain called to reschedule. 10-degree drop in water temp a week ago and the Wally stopped biting????? For a week?

What's with the RAM tubes? Problem with that dog bone connector? I've got adjustable Big John tubes on the Sea Kelp and they work OK if I keep them within a few degrees of straight up (they're not called rocket launchers for nothing).

Good luck finding that new boat.

Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms -
did anyone bring the samiches?

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Put down a deposit on a new alumacraft 185 cs, upgraded to the 150 hp, got it for much less than some of the other boats I had found.
I'm also getting a trailer with brakes.
The ram tube holders have a tendancy to move a little too much for my liking, especially when using in line planer boards, on the new boat I'll be only using the ram rod holders(no more tubes) or scotty's.
After reading what you said about your canceled trip, I don't feel so bad about my last outing there. Good luck when you go.
Can't wait to start placing rod holders on it, the kicker is primmed & ready to troll! Pig walleye's beware! In the meantime, I'll be working the 17' to the bone. I'll be fishing it & stripping it down.
I've got a charter on Lake Erie this weekend Sat afternoon and again Sun morning out of Port Clinton. I've never fished walleyes before on Erie any tips on lures or rigs to bring along or tactics to use? Any help would be great. Thanks
I hope the weather is better for you than on my last trip! If you are going out with a private charter, not a head boat, the captain should provide you with everything you will need. I prefer to bring my own rod/reel. Aside from that, I wouldn't bring anything else, call up your captain & ask them. I know if I was taking out six guys & a 1st mate, I wouldn't want everyone bringing a tackle box!
You may have to provide your own night crawlers, depends on the captain. Some guys prefer to use Parish peas or Erie deries (spelling?), others prefer to use flipping harnesses, similar to a weight foreward spinner but, a snell is attached to the weight, snell length varies though. Bottom line, call up your captain & ask him! The captain will also be able to tell you how deep to fish, depending on if the fish are suspended or hugging the bottom. Post your results & what you used. Can't wait to get out there again! In a few more weeks hopefully. Good luck!
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BioTroller, where do you stay whaen you go over to Erie with your boat. I have been thinking about taking mine over for Smallmouth this year but don't know where to stay at reasonable rate.
After Memorial day, it may even be Mem. Day weekend, the prices double at about all of the hotels, welcome to tourist season. A friend of mine is going to be setting up a camper at wild wings marina. In years past I've camped at some state park, cant remember the name, it was dark when we set up & dark when we packed up in the morning.
If that doesn't work- I think that Striper01 posted this last year, you may be able to stay at Camp Perry National Guard Camp, I'm not sure with the terrorists if they still do this. A few beds & a shower no TV or phones, but cheap! 614-336-6214. Good luck, can't wait for the new boat to come in!
Well I guess my luck with the weather is not much better. My trip this last weekend was canned. We are going to try again in mid June. Hope to have better luck then.
I was out there early April and Camp Perry was still in the odging business. Very convenient for fishing the reef area. It is spartan, with just beds and shower basicly, but after a day on the water that's about all I am looking for anyway. The fish cleaning house was closed down when we were there....don't know if it is up yet, but I'm sure a call would get that answer.
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