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Lake Geneva Friday am. Well, my bragging about getting lots of smallies caught up with me. Started fishing at 5:15 am and ended at 11:00 am. Went to Fontana to see if I could find a thermocline which is usually around 30' this time of year. Targeting northern usually produces some fish at that depth with suckers, chubs or large rapalas. (By the way, chubs are NO longer available because of VHS). Never got any pike and never really found the thermocline. Changed to a jig and a fathead minnow and got a couple decent hits and lost a nice smallie. Changed to a float and plain hook with a minnow and got 2 nice smallies both at 18 1/2 inches released. Got a few gills and an enormous bullhead. Left there and started seaching. Pretty lousy everywhere I went. Ended in the flats and got one more smallie 17 1/2 inches which I kept. Gonna eat it, haven't eaten one for like 30 tears ! Suface temps were 72 to 75 degrees, very clear water and the only depth that produced anything was 30-35 ft just off the bottom. Maybe a few more weeks when temps come down. Good luck.
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