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I fish this lake once a year with one of my managers from years back. I target carp and always have a panfish set up also (size 18 hook). Standard corn (added in with frozen mulberries to add some sweetness to the corn as they defrost) was the carp bait and for the panfish I used a 1.5 inch gulp alive emerald shiner. I have caught more bluegills with that than all other species combined. On this day I caught bass (all be it dinks so no photo). bluegills, crappie and a golden shiner (roach) on the panfish rod.

I did land 2 carp, the large one being 20 inches. I did not measure the second one it was smaller, perhaps 13 inches or so. That actually gave more of a fight then the 20 incher.

Overall the panfish were not fast and furious but at least I caught a variety.

Standard bluegill.

The crappie. Ended up landing 3 of them. First time I ever caught any in this lake.

Golden shiner. Landed 2 of those.

Largest of the 2 carp I caught.
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