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I fished Lake of Egypt this weekend. Water temps were 49 to 51 degrees.Friday nice out go out on the lake about 12pm, cloudy and temps reached high 50's.Caught a few fish on cranks but really had to work for them.Saturday- got out of the motel around 8am but didn't start fishing till 10:30.It was cold and nasty and we ate and did some sight seeing waiting for the weather to get better.We launched around 10:30 and had to park around 3 blocks away. A Zoo!Welcome to Spring fishing.Well there were 3 boats on every piece of shoreline and it kept getting colder, so we fished for about 4 hours and caught 2 small guys.There seemed to be a few fish caught in the morning but things seem like it was over.We left and watched basketball at the local establishments. Sunday launched at 6am. and fished till 3pm.We caught 1-3 lber and 5 small ones.Fishing was slow and it kept getting colder till about 1 pm.Weather was suppose to be in the low 60'S but temps were in the low 40's most of the day.2 out of 3 days we fished hard.Fishing was Fair at best.Fisherman who post can E-mail me for detailed information on Coffeen and Egypt. Roy
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