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Lake Shelbyville Crappies.

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Looking to make a weekend trip to Shelbyville in a couple of weeks. Just wondering how the crappie fishing has been and what they have been biting on. Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Was there last weekend. Much better weather than this one. The crappie we caugt were mostly in 10' to 18' of water in the stumps around wolf creek. Threw a road runner with a red body. The key was the red color for some reason. Bring that baby in "painfully" slow and you will probably get some. SOme of the fish had spawn so they have not started yet. Most fish caught will be 9 3/4". The slot is 10"!!! Minnows worked better at some spots around 8' down. Its easy to find them but getting them to hit is another thing. Look out for the gar. I had one on and one of the guys I was fishing with boated 2. They were all at least 24". Weird fish

Good luck
just came back from shelbyville,fished sat. from 9am to 8pm.big cold front came through. put in at eagle creek caught 1 walleye 15inches,1bass 2pounds,several crappie 10 inches right in front of bouyes,moved down to mile marker 3 caught 5 more keeper crappies, also caught bluegills,yellow bass,stripers,and smaller crappies,moved to eagle creek cove and caught keeper crappies plus smaller ones.;crappies were caught on orange floating jigs(3way rigs) in open lake at 13 the cove slip-bobbers at 10 to 12 ft.walleye was caught on a miklurch spinner.minnows caught all the crappies and crawlers caught the rest before sat. fishing was good as warm weather returnes it should get good again hope this help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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