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Lake Webster 4-14-02

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:)2 Went and fished Lake Webster today and my boat partner caught a 32 inch Muskie on a red bucktail over 20 FOW at 8:45 A.M.

Water temp in main lake started out at 56 degs. and ended at 58 degs about 2:30 when we had to go. The shallow bay where you first launch the boat can be fished now because of minimal weed growth and one of the guys at the ramp said, "he had caught 3 Muskies, including a 42 incher there about 1:00 P.M." That area of the lake and the channel out to the main lake were at 60 degs by 2:30.

If I were going tomorrow I would spend more time in the shallow water by the boat ramp and the channel to the main lake, that area seems to be holding more active fish than the main lake because after the catch in the morning we never saw another fish in the main lake but one of my friends in another boat had a hit on a jackpot out in the main lake.

It was 55 degs and mostly cloudy the first couple of hours and then cleared up to partly cloudy with air temps of 70 degs.
What a fun day.

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great report, on a great lake. nice to see a report on webster. i make about 6 trips out there a year. i always go on weekdays, was the parking lot full when you were taking your boat out? when i launched there for the first time i thought the backwaters were the the main lake!!! i was all the way in the back corner tryin to navigate thru all that muck!! this lake is gonna turn out to be indiana's version of shabbona. have you ever been to james lake fishin for musky?
I've never been to James lake but if you know that bait store just before you get to Webster, my buddy was in there this morning and said they have a picture of the State record Muskie caught I believe just recently in James. Stop in and see the picture. The guy has been Muskie fishing for 10 months. Just goes to show you, if your lure is in the water you're dangerous. hahaha!

The parking lot was completely full by 7:45 when I launched and my Expedition almost got towed because my truck was sticking into the street parked along the road. The DNR officer explained this to me when I was leaving. He didn't though, and since I had already screwed up a prop by being stupid on the lake earlier, I was glad I didn't have to pay that bill.

I love that lake, and it's proximity to the Chicagoland area is a wonderful thing. 2 1/2 hours from Lemont. The fall is my favorite time there, but the best time is whenever you can go.
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