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Lasalle 3/16

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After very little debate, decided to hit Lasalle in the AM from shore with Plasticman and Just Fred. We arrived around 8:30 armed with bikes instead of just our feet. Learned from last year that the walk all the way to warm water side takes a VERY long time.

Figured that bikes would be better...It'd be a breeze to make it we thought. MAN WERE WE WRONG!!!! As I type this my legs are still aching and I've come to the realization that I'm not as youthful as I use to be.

After what seemed forever we arrived at the warm water. Worked the windward side using plastic tubes with jigs and shad raps. Starting picking up largemouth right away. All about this size:

Kept working our way down to the point picking up a few largemouth here and there with the occasional cat deciding to make an appearance. About this time Just Fred has had enough moving and settles in a spot.

Me and Plasticman kept working our way down to the point. Stopping at a few spots to throw some artificials in the water. Kept on picking up an occassional largemouth and kitty until I get a nice hit. Turns out to be this guy:

Finally work our way down to the point when plasticman hits a couple of these familiar faces:

Kept working the point, but only managed a couple more largemouth, so decided to start the journey back. Met back up with Just Fred who states he's caught over 50 largies in the spot he stopped. Didn't believe him until we saw him pull in 3 largies on 5 casts. No real size, but made believers out of us.

That did it for the morning. Ended up leaving at 2:00 with a consenus that any future times out at Lasalle will involve a boat :-D
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sounds like a great day specially from shore, nice job
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