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LaSalle 4-20

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Fished LaSalle yesterday from 12 to 6, cloudy with winds from the NE at about 20-30 mph. Ramps were closed and only 10 other vehicles there. Fished the windblown south shoreline, threw roostertails and 2" twister tails parallel to shore at varied speeds.


Around 25 smallmouth (too bad not one was over 8") :sad:
4 yellow bass 9-11"
1 bluegill 8"
All fish released.

Was kinda cool watching the schools of carp riding in the waves that were crashing shore. A few people I talked to said they were fishing with the wind & catching cats on the bottom with crawlers, some being decent. Maybe fishing with the wind next time will provide better results??? O well hindsight is always 20/20.

Thanks and good fish'n,
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In windy conditions, you get better "line control" fishing the shallows with your back to the wind. Fish facing the wind for deeper presentations.
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