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Well, I left my home at 7:30 this morning full of optimism and anticipation at putting the boat in for the first time of 2002. Lasalle seemed like a great choice for many reasons. The first was the fact that I'd never been to this cooling lake before (I normally would hit Heidecke or Braidwood) so it was going to be an adventure. Secondly, there was absolutely no wind at my home in the far northwest suburbs so I was guessing that the wind would be managable on a "perched" lake. Finally, with the water being reported as being in the premium zone for bass, there would have to be some decent action. Well, I was one for three.

I got to the lake at 9:30 already somewhat discouraged by the fact that it took me so long to get there but still maintaining optimism. Then I saw the launching docks. This was the beginning of an adventure but not the positive one I expected. Call me naive, but after launching at the other previously mentioned cooling lakes, I was expecting similar docks. At least ones with cleats to tie down your boat. Okay, optimism takes another hit, but I drove off a quarter tank of over priced gas to get there, so I was gonna fish!

Once I was launched, the motor started up just fine and my optimisim came back a bit and I set off to the first dike. Once I got into the open pool, my earlier assumption about the wind proved to be a miscalculation. Not so bad that I couldn't run on plane, but that came with a shower from every bump in the water and even though the water temp was reading 66, the spray was freakin' cold!

When I stopped to fish the sheltered site of the first dike, I noticed after a few casts that my fish finder wasn't reading the depth, so I set down my favorite spinning rod to lift my trolling motor to check the transducer only to find that there was no visible damage to it. When I picked my rod back up, I caught it on a gunwale cleat and snapped it right where the blank entered the handle. Optimism meter drops again.

I continued to fish with my two baitcasters throwing crankbaits and spinnerbaits and caught a small catfish on a shad rap in between wind induced backlashes. I continued on to the second and third dikes and switched up to soft plastics in the outlet channel. I got a few hits but it was impossible to control boat position so finesse presentations were very difficult and I hooked nothing.

By 1:00PM the boat was back on the trailer and I was underway for my 75 mile trip home. The sky was beautiful, the air was warm, and I'd had an adventure. However, I now need to replace a rod, a couple of fishfinders, a tank of gas, and repair a big scratch on one of my gunwales caused by a bolt on one of the lauch docks. I'm sure that this can be a good place to go for a day on the water and I know that the lake is not responsible for my broken rod and electronic failures, but I think that this is my last run to Lasalle. Sometimes the gods are with ya and sometimes they ain't. I hope they with some of the rest of ya today.

Keep on hookin'

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