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To get to Northpoint Marina exit hwy 294 at Russell Road if your coming from the north,or exit at rte 173 if coming from the south. Proceed to the east for about 6-8 miles till you get to Sheridan Road. If your coming fron the north turn right at Sheridan or if coming from the south turn left at sheridan road. Proceed to downtown Winthrop Harbor and turn east on 7th ave., which is 1 block north of Salmon Connection sports and bait shop. 7th ave is the entrance road to Northpoint Marina. Proceed east over tracks into preserves and when you come to a stop sign by adm building, turn left. GO SLOW HEAVY RADAR TRAPS FROM SHERIDAN ROAD ALL THE WAY TO HARBOR !!! Follow this road north past one more stop past resturant to launch ramps and parking lot.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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