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Lions Park South Elgin

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Just found this spot a couple weeks ago. Can anyone tell me the best way to fish for 'eyes there. Went out with minnows the other day and caught/snagged some small carp. If your not sure where Lions Park is, it's the little bay just south of the South Elgin Dam. At least I think thats what is called. Thanks for any help. :-D
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we play our little league games at Lyons. That spot is hit hard throughout the year. It is definately NOT a secret. The eddy/pool formed there as the river bends gets a lot of attention. I think at one point several yrs ago it was a popular spot for larger, toothy critters! And I mean 'larger' then walleyes. But it receives a lot of pressure from shore and wading when the water warms up. There are better places to fish for those willing to do some wading and exploring. ;)
drifting a minnow thru there works pretty well when the water is icey. i suppose you could do that from shore but waders work much better.

How deep is over there?
that depends on the river. at normal levels you can walk across the entire river. i don't have a clue how deep it would be right now cuz i haven't been by the river in a few weeks but i talked with a friend today that said it's pretty high. i'd think that in that particular area though, it'd be wadeable cuz it's out of the main current. i'd have to see it to be sure though. use your judgement. there aren't any super deep holes in that little bay area that you can fall in. at least there weren't last year. i highly doubt it's changed.
Lions Park

There used to be a tree in the water right by the current break. The last time I was there it looked like it had been removed :( :x . I'm sure the people living there got tired of having waders join them for their barbeques. Used to be a decent spot, and maybe it still is at the right time. I just don't have the will to go there anymore. I agree, it is too heavily pressured.
When the water is high (like now-hint) is when the spot is best.
But alas, you won't be alone there.
But... jig and large minnow casted out into the current edge that should be there in high water(hint)
Let it swing right along the current edge.
Who knows what you may get (biggest hint)
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That spot is minutes from my house and I don't fish it cause it gets tons of pressure.....that picture makes we want to give it another try!
Ed, NICE FISH!! Did you take that eye this year out of Elgin?
PT said:
Ed, NICE FISH!! Did you take that eye this year out of Elgin?
Sorry I didn't see your post until now :oops:
It came from S. Elgin a number of years ago in February.
We had an early ice out that year and things started early.
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