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Beautiful day with 6mph winds, so I had to drag the Yak out again. Fishing has been slow in this lake so far because the water temps have been very low. (very clear, and very deep water). After a few days of steady warm weather I was hoping some of the bass would be moving out of their suspended hiding spots.

Started out fishing my favorite shoreline which holds a massive 5-6ft flat. There arent really any major standing weedbeds on this lake, but across this flat are some short weeds beginning to grow across the bottom. Bingo!


Started out using one of my favorite rigs for this spot. 1/4oz long shank jighead with a 6inch worm. This rig works better for me here than a texas rigged worm because of all the mossy algae junk on the bottom that clings to my bait every time it touches the bottom. I still rig it weedless and I just swim it close to the bottom ticking the tops of the sprouting weeds.

Using this presentation Me and my buddy ended up with 12 bass in about an hour and a half or so. All fish were small males in 6ft or less of water.



Catchin the little males was fun, but I figured the big girls had to be staging somewhere off the flat. There is a great drop off on the edge of this flat that goes down to about 12-15ft, before it drops off to 20+. I worked this drop for a couple drifts with a drop shot rig lookin for some bigger fish, with nothing to show for my efforts....

Maybe a few more warm days will get the big girls movin???
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