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Hey guys, new to the page but I’ve been on quite the hardcore quest lately, and that is to put together a complete set of the old Quantum Signature series rods from around the 2007ish era, where most of them had cork handles, the pro got to pick what color the guides were wrapped with, and they were made with hsx62 graphite
The pros were as follows:
-Kevin VanDam
-Shaw Grigsby
-Greg Hackney
-Dean Rojas
Several others I’m forgetting but this was 2006 and I was like 11 years old

I currently have a mint Greg Hackney 7’11” and a Dean Rojas 6’4” already in the Arsenal, and would especially pay big money for the hard to find Shaw Grigsby 6’10” spinning and KVD’s 7’4” spinnerbait rods
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