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Ran into the CCFP biologists yesterday and they informed me that the long planned renovation of Maple lake will begin within the next few weeks. Some of the things that are coming:
1) A 3 foot drawdown will commence soon. They aren't sure if they will be able to open the drain to do so or if they will have to pump the water out. Sure is going to leave a lot of shoreline exposed, should be interesting to see. Some of the "bucket" structures we built last year should be partially exposed in the shallow bay of the southeast corner.
2) There will be a 50 foot pier (concrete?) extended out from the east shoreline where that metal embankment currently is, which will be removed.
3) The shoreline next to the 95th street parking lot will be reinforced and built up with flagstone from the parking area all the way out to the point.
4) The point will be built up again and extended out to its original formation, not sure how far that will be.
5) The 95th street parking lot will be closed during all this renovation.
6) They will be attempting to kill the newly developed patch of milfoil before it gets out of control. From the sounds of it, this is going to be a real battle that they definitely want to win.

All in all, I would have to say this is something positive to come out of the ccfp and from the sounds of it should be quite nice when it is complete. Now if we could only do something about all the garbage, but that is another effort hopefully coming soon from the volunteer organizer.
I for one give them a lot of credit on this one. Lord knows, over the years I have been quite critical of the management practices of the ccfp.
Now, if they can just keep this up.
hello I am a new member here and hoping to find any pics of maple lake illinois just after it had been drained back in fall of 1974 any info on this and or future projects happening there will be greatly appreciated
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