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I hit the Mud Lake with my wife today. The park is "closed," but you can park in the grass near Service Dr. and walk it (about .75 miles). I ventured into the west bank of the Du Page river because we weren't catching anything in the lake. We tried crawlers on floats, then I tossed a shallow crankbait at sundown because the shallow water is annoying with a bobber. I hooked a big smallie (I think). He pulled drag on my baitcaster which I have set to handle 4+ pound bass. I'm pretty sure it was a smallie, because he was wiggling a lot more than a largemouth, but it was getting dark. He broke the surface a bunch. Wear long pants and boots, it is brushy back in there. I did land 1 smallie about the size of a dill pickle. I saw some big wakes as I clumsily trodded on the shoreline rip rap. This was the stretch about 100 yards south of the Mud Lake, the one right up against 88.
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