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minn kota

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I bought a minnkota auto pilot about five years ago and have had nuttin but trouble with it. this will be the third time its going in to get fixed. it just quits working all of a sudden. cost me $125.00 to get it fixed, they just pull the circuit board and replace it.Before it quit this time the auto pilot funtion took a crap, when you push the button to set your heading the motor just spins in a circle. I paid $750.00 for the motor, another $150.00 for the copilot so I could control it with a remote, great option when its working, plus this will be the third time in the shop at $125.00 a pop, and lord knows how much to fix the auto pilot now. sooooooooo seems im into this motor for $1275.00 . no wonder im in the dog house about my expensive fishin habit.
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That sucks because i just bought one two years ago so far so good.
I had a MinnKota Power Drive PD-AP65 which came with my 2003 Crestliner, and the AutoPilot on it was nothing but trouble. S.O.B. worked on it a couple of times before he died, then Strictly Fishing "repaired" it twice and finally the factory took it back and refurbished it, but it still has problems, so I replaced it with a Power Drive 70 WITHOUT Auto-Pilot. Much more dependable and much less hassle. Their Auto-Pilot and related controls need a thorough re-design before I ever buy an AP model again.
I'm working with a boat dealer who wants to outfit me with a 70 DP/AP. So, I go to check it out at Cabelas and there is the same stories there under the reviews; i.e., problems with the AP.
I haven't seen anything bad about the CP (co-pilot) function, just the AP (auto-pilot). Anyone out there agree / disagree?
Ive known several people who had the AP, nothing but trouble.
even the repair shop said the same thing. Ive always has the powerdrives
without the AP for years with no problems. Now I have a maxium 101 and
love it. The co-pilot is great, I miss it and its not availabe on the maxium.
I needed the 36 volt motor because of the size of my boat.
I had the first one that came out with the wireless remote footpedal. That died and couldn't get fixed.

I now have a wired remote autopilot and it has been working fine. Use it just about every summer weekend for many years now. Seems to be getting old, but would not give it up. This one has got to be 5-7 years old by now. Maybe more.
These (above) are the reasons I have always used a MinnKota Maxum Pro on all my is a basic trolling motor. My latest boat (being delivered from Ranger this week), has the same 101 MinnKota Maxxum Pro. I thought about ordering the Terrova....for about 3 seconds ! The more gadgets and electronics you put on anything, the greater chance for failure.

The Maxxum is a pretty solid motor but it thankfully does not have autopilot or remote steering etc. The Maxxum also has cable steering which is quicker response than the electronic type steering on the Terova and others.

Simple and basic works !
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