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mon evening bite

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caught the evening bite today on the fox from 5:30-7. the fish were hitting pretty consistantly the whole time i was there. between 2 of us we were able to land about 10 smallies and one white bass. i probably could of caught twice that if i wasn't missing so many fish. i wasn't on my game today i guess. nothing big today. everything was around 10-12". no crappie today either. half the fish were caught on a split shot and minnow, and the other half (including the white bass) were caught on a jig and twister.
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Dammit Pat you're using up all the fish. Save some for me.... Cripes!
Where on the Fox were you fishing ? If you don't want to say I'll understand.
this week i have fished anywhere from geneva/aurora. i dont think it matters too much on where you fish, just find some large eddys near shore that the higher water has created and take a few casts in there with some minnows. you should do pretty good.
Thanks for the info. I'm going to have to try tonite.
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