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Montrose Coho This Morning

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The coho are in at Montrose. I saw at least 25 caught this morning. I managed to get two on a green and silver cleo. I started with nightcrawlers with no luck then went to large shinners, again no luck. When I changed to the spoon I had my first one on in less than 10 minutes. In all I had 5 strikes and got the 2. I will be back tomorrow with the spoon ready.
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Nice work!

How far out on the Horseshoe were you fishing when you got hits on the spoon?

Inside or outside?

What color/size spoon?

My friend already posted info on our trip today fishing the plentarium (1 Coho on Powerline w/Nightcrawler). It tried a few spoons & a couple rapalas w/no luck.

Thanks for the info - JC
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Wasn't on the shoe, we were in the harbor on the golf course side. I heard they were getting a few on the shoe fishing at the tower lakeside.
Thanks for the info Smeltaholic. Were all 25 fish you saw caught in the harbor? That would be great - less wind tomorrow.

What color spoon(s) did you get hits on?

Thanks again! - JC
Went back today and the wind had changed. I had one on right off. The third cast. The fishing the rest of the day was slow and I only managed one one a large minnow. The spoons that seem to work best are the little cleo green and chrome. I only saw 5 fish caught today. They were getting a lot of small perch. ( 6 to 8 inches ) All the coho seem to be where ever you can get the wind to your back.
Thanks again for the info. Tried Montrose late morning (Crawlers, spoons) with no luck & my rooomate already posted his 4lb Brown from Belmont.

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