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Mudy River

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Fished out of Starved rock this morning first around Plum Island with no luck. Water was very mudy with only about 4" to 6" of vis. Moved down to the Vermillion river where we found clear water and were able to take a few whites on small chrome/blue blade baits. Most guys talked to said the bite was kinda slow. Water level was fine, but the wind was howling. The best pattern for me was casting tight to shore and letting the bait go to the bottom and pumping it back to you and again letting it go all the way down. They are in but I think the front shut them down for today. Be back next weekend!
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Fished Plum Is. this A M took 1/2 dozen Whites with #5 shad raps, water temp. at 67 deg. went to the Vermilion and took a couple more on zip blades,water much clearer at 63 Deg. All fish were large males. Fished several other spots,noda. Now I'm at the keyboard smelling of fish. E O M
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